Fiona Frew Artist & jewellery Maker

Bodies Of Knowledge Exhibition 2020

By Fiona Frew

Fiona Frew Artist & jewellery Maker

Here are a small collection of images taken from my contribution to the exhibition called 'Bodies of knowledge' 2020. I was privileged to be hosted in 'The V Space' within the Roberston Library, Otago Polytechnic. 

A History of Art (Read) 2020,

Paper, Aluminium Wire, Fasteners.

A World History of Art (Contained) 2020,

Tupperware Container, Aluminium Wire, Fasteners.

Place and Adornment (Plated) 2020,

Plastic plate beads, Aluminium Wire, Fasteners.

200 Years of New Zealand Painting (Cleansed) 2020,

Lux soap beads, Dove soap beads, Aluminium Wire, Fasteners.

Please enjoy these images and if you have any questions about my work please email me directly to

This exhibition is a part of my MFA project.


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