Fiona Frew Artist & jewellery Maker

A Move Towards My MFA

By Fiona Frew

Fiona Frew Artist & jewellery Maker

This blog is short and sweet, but none the less a summary of how I made a life changing decision to pursue my Masters of Fine Arts.

At the beginning of 2019, after the standard Christmas and New Years resolutions dust had settled, I decided that I wanted to further my studies and work towards my MFA (Masters of Fine Arts). But I was looking for a few more changes that my current town - Rotorua was not offering.

I had been in the Bay of Plenty for several years and built successful industry relationships through Toi Ohoimai, connected with the local arts community but it was time for Butler and I to find a place to call home and put down some roots.

Fiona Frew Art

Medium Experimentation, 2019.

What followed, was a hectic move to Dunedin in the South Island of NZ (not to fret, Butler and I survived). Soon after the move, Butler and I found somewhere suitable to live and I started studying at The Dunedin School of Art, Otago Polytechnic. You can take a look at their YT channel here.

The first six months were a bit of a blur, but now that I am all settled and well into my studies, I'm touching base here as a space to share my work and explore different ideas.

Fiona Frew Art Experimentation

Jewellery Collection Photography Preparation, 2019.

If you would like to stay connected with my adventures please follow me on IG @f.frew or let me know if you are making art in the south island - I would love to connect.


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