Fiona Frew Artist & jewellery Maker

Open Home - An Online Event For Wearing Contemporary Jewellery

By Fiona Frew

Fiona Frew Artist & jewellery Maker

So how does one host a Contemporary Jewellery & Art Exhibition in 2021? You host it from the comfort of your home ― of course! New Zealand is very fortunate that the Covid 19 situation is not currently inhibiting our ability to put on events and attend exhibitions. 

Hello and welcome to the latest instalment for my upcoming exhibition aptly titled "Open Home". I have named the exhibition this due to the nature of our recent 12 months on the planet. The world has changed dramatically due to the Covid Pandemic. Many people enduring enforced restrictions to their domicile. I have been very fortunate and have only had to stay at home for one lockdown in 2020. During this time inside, I realised how important the Home is, not only for shelter, but for other forms of protection also. It can offer us a place of comfort and refuge from the public world. But due to current lifestyles in the western world, our homes are being invaded and the private/public divide is becoming increasingly  blurred. The role that objects have in our domestic spheres fascinates me. Many of the objects that are part of the "Open Home" event originate within this environment. 

The decision to open up my own home as a site for strangers to come and experience the work that I make, was not an easy decision. I tend to be a very private person and relish the comfort that my home provides me. There are a few main factors for my decision. Firstly, Contemporary Jewellery is an unknown medium of fine arts and I want people to learn about it and love it. In order to do this, I feel that the white cube of the traditional exhibition space can be very intimidating. I am trying to remove some of these barriers. Secondly, Contemporary Jewellery is dominantly designed to be worn on the body. Yet, we have been instructed to not touch art works in galleries and this guideline still follows for many jewellery exhibitions. But I want people to wear the jewellery I have made, to experience it on their bodies. This was a major contributing factor in designing an event held in my home. The last major factor in my decision was my recent purchase of a property in Kakanui, having prior lived in a large house in Dunedin. I hope that this event will be a way to meet many locals who will become good friends. This is a small thanks to this small community for welcoming me into this great place. 

"Open Home" will be held on Sunday 08th August, 2-3 pm NZST

You do not need to register, just turn up and enjoy!

If you cannot make it to the event in person, do not worry. This event will be digitally recorded and the recording will be exhibited as part of Radiant Pavilion, Melbourne Contemporary Jewellery and Object Biennial from the 4-12 September, 2021. Check out their website for other exhibitions and works from so many talented contemporary jewellers from Australia and New Zealand.

I look forward to seeing you all on August 8th.
- Fi.


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