Fiona Frew Artist & jewellery Maker

Planning A New Year With Fiona

By Fiona Frew

Fiona Frew Artist & jewellery Maker

What a whirl wind this festive season can be. I hope you are taking time to relax and find your joy in amongst it all.

I have come home two days early from the beach, in order to have some time alone. The storm outside is helping me feel like I’m not missing any great beach time, but it also allows me the comfort of not wanting to go out and about and to stay inside and slow down for a little time.

New Years’ seems to be a time when we are pressured to come up with new aspirations and goals and set forth to conquer. This must inspire some, but for me, the pressure freaks me out and I just resent everyone else who seemingly has everything together. I wonder how others’ can actually enjoy their holidays and not feel pangs of guilt for not having their new resolutions already mapped out and emblazoned in neon above their mantle piece.

So, this year, I have tried something new. I have only one plan and one measuring stick. I plan to find what brings me JOY and will measure my success by how much JOY in find. JOY is my one and only resolution for 2018.

It sounds simple enough, but I suspect, it is going to be an adventure. I invite you on this journey with me.

My first port of call will be my studio, my happy place, where I am joyous because I am creating.


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