Radiant Pavilion 2021 draws near

Radiant Pavilion 2021 draws near

By Fiona Frew

Radiant Pavilion 2021 draws near

I find it nerve racking the closer events get. Being a last minute kinda gal too, doesn't help this situation. I always seem to have a list of actions to complete, right up until the last minute, and my work for Radiant Pavilion 2021, is proving to be no different. 

While I am getting things together at my end, I hope you take the chance to look through the amazing list of exhibitions at www.radiantpavilion.com.au and explore the range of amazing artists involved in this years event. Due to covid and these unprecedented times, many of the exhibitions will have an online component or, like my own work, be completely online. While this isn't optimal experiencing for contemporary jewellery, it does mean that for those of us unable to visit in person, we still have the opportunity to participate and see great work. 

Please come and support all of the artists that have worked tirelessly to share their work with you. 

I look forward to sharing my work with you also, which will be able to view, right here, on my website, from September 4 until September the 12. 


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