Steps To Prepare For An Exhibition

Steps To Prepare For An Exhibition

By Fiona Frew

Steps To Prepare For An Exhibition

2020 really changed the way we make, sell any buy art. But there are some practical steps we can all take before hosting or showing in an exhibition to help ease the nerves. Please take a look below at some of my personal go-to tips for prepping for an art exhibition.

1. Trim the extras

Your body of work may have similar mediums, so take a look at your current pieces that really confirm your narrative. Finding work that represents who you are and what you stand for right now can really help the exhibition feel current. If you are in a group exhibition, take a look at the other works to see how your personal work can contribute best.

2. Price you work

When pricing remember 2 things, price it fairly for the caliber and size of the exhibition space and always look into your commission strategy. Find out how you can display these prices such as a weblink, catalogue or word document.

3. Label your work

You signature, on the back, front or side is going to be a great way to confirm for potential buyers that this is your unique statement.

4. Review your artist bio

This is a great opportunity to review how you present yourself to the world, take a look at your career statement and make any tweaks required. A simple paragraph is enough and this is how social media, websites, catalogues published will share your profile.

5. Prep your online space

Ensure your social spaces such as instagram, website and online portfolios are updated, on brand and ready for potential buyers.

6. Arrange transportation 

When a buyer is looking to purchase your work they will need shipping and possibly insurances, take some time to research who you would like to trust with shipping and handling of your precious cargo. 

7. Enjoy the process.

My last tip for you today is to slow down the hustle train and truly enjoy the process leading up to an event. Whether is private, hosted by you or a shared group exhibit, these are brilliant moments for self reflection and growth. One of my personal favourites is to attend similar art exhibitions like those at the Otago Museum that are closely related to really feel connected to my purpose.

How do you like to prepare for an exhibition or do you have a goal to be in an exhibit? I would love to know what you think of these tips so pop a comment down below and let's connect.

- Fi


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