Fiona Frew Artist & jewellery Maker

Why Ecological Sustainability?

By Fiona Frew

Fiona Frew Artist & jewellery Maker

When considering why I make jewellery and create art, the environment, our earth, is one of my most important factors.

Growing up in clean and green New Zealand, I took the environment for granted and am guilty of not having always cared for her. Even today, I don’t always make the right decisions with her in mind. But I am trying.

I am changing my consumption habits. I am using less. I am mending more. And, I am aware that there is much much more that I could do to help fix the mess of our Mother Earth, that we humans have created.

As an artist, I am keenly aware of my role in society. I wish not to create more things that merely become part of our consumer society but instead, provide an alternative option, one that shows love and consideration for her. 

In no way am I doing everything that I could be doing.

It can seem overwhelming as an individual. What can one small person do? So, I am starting small. I am re-using stuff that others chuck out. I am turning rubbish into desirable objects that enable myself and others, to express themselves at the same time as caring for the environment.

I continually look for ways to improve my practice, trying to throw out as little rubbish as possible, trying to source ethical and sustainable products for my practice.

I am on this journey, will you join me?

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