Fiona Frew Artist Bio


Fiona Frew completed her BA in Art History in 2001 and Secondary School Teaching qualification in 2002. After enjoying an international career in teaching and her return to live in New Zealand, she decided to pursue a career in the creative sector. 

From 2012-2017, Frew set up and ran her own small business making and selling handmade paper flowers, called FijoaFox Paper Flowers. Further study beckoned and she completed her Graduate Diploma in Creative Entrepreneurship in 2017. This study sparked her interest in the role that objects play in everyday life and the re-purposing of found objects as an enquiry into dealing with anthropogenic debris. At the end of this study, the discovery of the fine arts discipline of Contemporary Jewellery consumed her interest and led her to seek post-graduate study.

Frew is currently a Master of Fine Arts candidate at The Dunedin School of Art at Otago Polytechnic, within the Jewellery department. Her project explores the role of objects in everyday life, vital materiality and seeks to provide greater audience participation through the use of non-white-cube exhibition spaces.